Hugo tutorials for SEO friendly static web sites

I use Hugo to power this site, as well as some blogs at work. Here are some cool things I’ve learned.

How to write a Hugo theme, and why it can be worth writing one even if you’re the only user

If you have more than one Hugo site, it can be worth making a theme, even if you’re the only user. But you’ll want to read these tips first.

Documentation for the MoonBooth SEO Theme for Hugo

How to use the MoonBooth SEO Theme for Hugo

Introducing the MoonBooth SEO Theme for Hugo

Yours free: the best SEO theme for the world’s fastest framework, Hugo

How to host a Hugo site on the Netlify CDN for free

Hosting a Hugo site on Netlify is free if it’s a personal website.

How to create Hugo blog post urls without subfolders in an SEO-friendly way

If you want blog post urls of the form, here’s how to do that without hurting your SEO.

Custom 404 pages in Hugo done right

Learn how to customise your 404 page in Hugo while also avoiding an edge case “soft 404” error.

Why you should use Hugo to build your website

Hugo is the best static site generator, plain and simple.

How to set up HSTS on your Hugo Netlify site

HSTS helps make your HTTPS website even more secure.

How to integrate MailChimp into your Hugo site cleanly

Before I worked this out, I had a bunch of Hugo partials and it was all a big mess.

How to eliminate recursive links in your Hugo website’s navigation

What’s the point of a link that doesn’t take you anywhere new?

Why these three companies chose Hugo to power their websites

Stories from 1Password, Kubernetes, and a data visualisation consultancy up the road from me in Sydney.

SEO for Hugo websites

This tutorial will show you how to improve the SEO of your Hugo site. Let’s get started!

How to save time when serving your Hugo site locally on a Mac

Bringing up my Hugo site locally is now a breeze instead of a chore.

How to customise Hugo sections

Do you want to supercharge your Hugo sections? There are several great tips here for you.

How to speed up your Hugo blog post creation workflow

I learned a way to save lots of time when creating new blog posts in Hugo. Here’s my current workflow.

How to add authors to your Hugo site

Do you want author bios to appear automatically at the end of each blog post? How about a page listing all authors? Here’s how to do all that, and more.

I'll also send you useful Hugo web dev tips every now and then.

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